The Agüero Sisters

by Cristina Garcia
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What are some cultural meals discussed

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In Cuban American writer Cristina Garcia's 1997 novel The Agüero Sisters, Garcia writes of many cultural meals. At one point in the novel, Constancia orders a Cuban classic called medianoche, which is a roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, and pickle sandwich served on toasted sweet bread, with a banana milkshake and fried sweet plantains on the side. Other cultural meals presented throughout the novel include fried liver with onions, avocado salad, yuca in garlic sauce, baked yams, and black beans and rice.

Food is presented in The Agüero Sisters as something that holds deep emotional value and brings joy. Cooking and the presentation of food are a point of pride in Cuba that we see lessen once the characters reach Miami, as the meals in Miami are not experienced with the same rooted cultural connection.

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