What are some connections that you could make within the story?

npoore84 | Student

In every story, there is always a theme that the author is trying to get across to the reader. Many times these are lessons he/she is trying to teach the reader and many lessons can be applied in everyday life. In The Most Dangerous Game one lesson or theme that can be applied from this story is the difference between reason and instinct. It is clear that animals do not have the ability to think or reason in times of distress. Their actions are based soley upon their instincts. They can sense different types of danger and react to it based on their instincts. Humans, however, have the ability to think through and reason through decisions. We do have the ability to sense areas of danger (or other types) but we can use reason and thought to make a decision. The Most Dangerous Game illustrates this theme where Rainsford is forced to used reason and intellect to save himself and get off the island and General Zaroff is moved more by instinct, the ability to hunt and survive. 

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