What are some connections between Fahrenheit 451 and real life?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There was a book published in 1985, written by Neil Postman titled "Amusing Ourselves to Death."  He describes some of the trade offs between going from a print based culture to one that is in many ways screen based.  Like the people in F-451 who cannot seem to find any meaningful existence outside of their entertainment, he argues that in some ways the massive focus on entertainment has cheapened political discourse and had a number of deletorious effects on modern society.

If you look at Mildred and her inability to find any satisfaction in real life and her total absorption in the screens and her desire to have one more so she has the whole wall you can see a representation of this possibility, something that Bradbury certainly had in mind as he watched the proliferation of TV for the first time.

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