What are some conclusions you can make from salient points in "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse" that lead to the message? What is the message?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that one of the conclusions reached from the story would be that treating individuals with kindness and compassion might not only be morally upstanding, but can bring about great benefit, as well.  It's strange to see a potentially ulterior motive to emotions that are as noble as compassion and kindness, but it is something that emerges out of the short story.  Byro has an opportunity to hammer down on the kids for stealing the horse.  He knows they did it, has the social and economic capital to do so, and can make a very large statement in the process.  Yet, he chooses to treat the boys with kindness and compassion, a profound sense of understanding.  This benefits him greatly as the horse, once unmanageable, has become more workable and will end up helping Byro prosper.  In this instance,  the approach of "Pay no attention to it" ended up paying off quite well for Byro.

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