What are some of the concerns regarding the social responsibility of Multinational Corporations, espcially in the less developed countries?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major concern that is expressed about multinational corporations (MNCs) and social responsibility in less developed countries has to do with the idea that the MNCs exploit the countries in which they operate without providing real benefits to those countries.  This is said to happen because the MNCs have few, if any, real roots in the country and therefore do not feel any responsibility to help improve the country rather than their own bottom lines.

MNCs are typcially accused of exploiting workers and the environment.  It is said that they pay too little to their workers and that they do not help to educate the workers (who tend to be unskilled).  Because of these factors, it is said that they do not help to develop the countries in which they are operating.

With regard to the environment, it is said that MNCs care only about making money and do not care if they ruin the environment.  After all, the bosses of the MNC are not going to have to live in the country so they do not care.

These are two of the major issues of social responsibility that are typically raised to criticize MNCs.