What are some complications of Hepatitis C?

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hepatitis C is a virus and is capable of causing a great deal of damage to the liver. There are many different hepatitis viruses and Hepatitis C is considered to be one of the most dangerous. People are not usually aware that they have this virus until they find out later that they have liver damage.

Scarring of the liver, or cirrhosis,  is common with people who Hepatitis C. It usually takes a very long time, 20-30 years, for this to happen. When the liver scars it makes it hard for it to function properly. Another complication of Hepatitis C is liver failure. When this happens, the liver is incapable of performing its functions. Many people who have liver damage also have what is called jaundice. This is when the skin has a yellow hue.

dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hepatitis C is generally a chronic type infection which affects thousands of people each year. Hepatitis refers to inflammation of the liver. The liver filters the blood of toxins and plays a role in blood clotting.

Some complications of HCV (hepatitis C virus) are liver scarring, dysfunction, and liver failure. When the liver becomes scarred, tissue in the area of scarring can not function normally. Scarred tissue can't filter the blood, clotting times of your blood would also be affected (your blood would take longer to clot). In advanced stages of disease, the liver fails because of the virus. Usually, liver failure results in death. 

revolution | Student

If you got Hepatitis C, you may got a higher chance of suffering from liver cancer, a fatal disease, or liver failure, in case your liver fails to function. You may even get scarring of the liver tissue, limiting its function and ability to work. If worst case scenario, you may even get eye infections, which can make you blind.

kc4u | Student

Hepatitis C virus with its several genotypes & sub-types has been a major health hazard for the last twenty years or so. The virus is slow but extremely damaging. It may cause serious liver ailments to the extent of Fibrosis/Cirrhosis of liver and, even further, liver cancer.

HCV causes scarring of liver over a period of 15-20 years leading to Fibrosis/Cirrhosis in about 30% of cases. Cirrhosis of liver further leads to Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma, i.e. liver cancer, which has a very high degree of mortality. In some 30% of HCV induced Cirrhosis cases, Portal Hypertension may cause Gastro-Intestinal bleeding in the form of blood-vomiting and tarry stool. GI bleeding is also a life-threatening complication in HCV infected cirrhotic patients.