What are some comparisons or contrasts between Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye and various characters from Othello by William Shakespeare?

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As the question asks for comparisons or contrasts between Holden and characters in Othello, I would contrast Holden to Iago. First, Holden (though he is flawed and often a jerk) tries to see the good in people. Second, he feels driven to protect the innocent.

Early in the story, Holden goes out of his way to be kind to his elderly history teacher, Mr. Spencer, as he leaves Pencey. Mr. Spencer annoys Holden with his elderly habits and his lectures, but Holden doesn't want to hurt his feelings or let his teacher think that he didn't like his history class. He is likewise kind to the nuns he meets while eating breakfast at a New York City diner. He believes in them, feels sorry for their meager breakfast, and gives them ten dollars. Holden certainly doesn't like everyone, but he reaches out in kindness to people who feel real or vulnerable to him.

In contrast, Iago hates the world and thinks the worst of everyone. He believes everyone is on the take or the make. He believes that all women...

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