Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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What are some common things about Coral Island and Lord of the Flies? Things that happen in both books: the fact that Golding read the book Coral island and wrote a response to it.

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Both stories in some ways examine the ideas of civilization and raise questions about the essence of evil and human nature and all sorts of other things.  Coral Island focuses on three boys that end up on a tropical island after wrecking their ship.  Unlike the...

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rajuthan | Student

That is a good question shankar96. My friend listen closely to my words of wisdom. Alright firstly, Ralph in Coral Island realizes that he is stranded on an island when he sees the sand. The same also appears in LOTF. As well in both books both of the Ralph's have friends. Ralph in LOTF has Piggy and Ralph in coral island had weed.

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