What are some common themes and poetic techniques in the poems "Preludes" and "Rhapsody on a Windy Night"?    

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T. S. Eliot was a modernist poet who often employed the technique of "stream-of-consciousness" writing in his poetry.  To explain, modernist writers tended to be disillusioned and upset with the world, focused on the industrial nature of life (meaning, city life) and how dreary and unfulfilling that was, and on people and characters who have difficulty connecting with each other or feeling like they belong.  They also liked to experiment with the form of their writing--so, their stories didn't follow chronological order, didn't have happy endings, and toyed with alternative styles of writing like stream-of-consciousness.  Stream-of-consciousness writing is very random; it's like you are just writing down whatever comes into your head, no matter if it fits or makes sense.  If often revolves around a theme, like the city streets at night, but then jumps around quite a bit, just like our brains do when we think.  You can see this style...

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