What are some common literary features shared in To Kill a Mockingbird and Lord of the Flies?Some examples/excerpts from text would be great!

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The two novels are among the best of 20th century literature that feature children as the protagonists. They share several themes, primarily that of Appearance vs. Reality: In Lord of the Flies, it concerns the beast; in To Kill a Mockingbird, the children eventually recognize that the rumors about Boo are not true, and that Tom Robinson is actually innocent of the charges against him. Loss of Innocence is another theme that affects all of the children in both novels. The protagonists in both stories are faced with the possibility of their own deaths, and they see others die around them. The children grow up in a world in turmoil: the possibility of nuclear annihilation in LOTF, and the Great Depression in TKAM. Both of the stories are set in a single location, isolating them from the larger world around them: the deserted island in LOTF, and tiny Maycomb in TKAM. Both novels use animals symbolically in their titles: the evil flies of LOTF, and the innocent mockingbird in TKAM.

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