What are some comments that describe Edward Prince Of Wales in The Prince and the Pauper?

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Edward is a good person, even as a child, and becomes a good ruler.

When he is born, Edward Tudor, Prince of Wales, is described as the baby “who lay lapped in silks and satins, unconscious of all this fuss, and not knowing that great lords and ladies were tending him and watching over him—and not caring, either” (ch 1).  When the prince sees Tom being mistreated, he rescues him, taking him home and feeding him.

The prince, with princely delicacy and breeding, sent away the servants, so that his humble guest might not be embarrassed by their critical presence; then he sat near by, and asked questions while Tom ate. (ch 3)

When Tom becomes king in Edward’s place, he is able to be a better king for having been poor.  When Edward finally regains his throne, he is also a better king because of his experience as the poor Tom.


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