What are some choices that some of the characters in The Kite Runner make? I have this essay to do for my English class and it's kinda hard to figure out. I just need to know of ONE character (Amir) that has made some tough decisions in the book. Can someone help me please? :)

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While the choices Amir makes in the story are important, there are other characters who make significant choices.  Baba makes numerous choices that are central to the plot, for example.  He chooses to have sex with Ali's wife, which results in the birth of Hassan.  He chooses to dismiss Ali as his servant. He also chooses to flee the country, leaving behind a son.  Now, think of the choices Assef makes.  In every instance in which he can make a choice, he chooses evil over good. Rhahim Khan chooses to intervene and call Amir, offering him one of the most important choices he makes, and Khan also chooses to let Amir know of Hassan's parentage.  Soraya chooses to marry Amir.  Really, there is not a character in the book who is not making important choices.

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