What are some characteristics of Sodapop? Ex: CaringPlease list supporting details and page number. Thanks a bunch Please write back ASAP

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melkoosmann eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sodapop is a fun, caring guy who likes to make others happy. He can always make others smile, and he is always ready to perform for an audience. The one thing he cannot stand is being made to take sides in an argument between two people he loves.

This sounds like a homework assignment, so you will need to do the work of writing up a description and choosing details to support it yourself. eNotes includes a description of Soda in its page on character analyses for The Outsiders (link below). In the novel, detailed descriptions of Soda appear throughout the story, especially on pages 7-8 and 101-102. Important scenes featuring Soda occur on 17-18 and 174-177. You can start with these sections when you write your assignment, but please note that you will need to read the whole book if you want to craft a truly thorough answer.