Macbeth Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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What are some characteristics and quotes of Lady Macbeth that make her evil?

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By your question, you seem to assume that Lady Macbeth is evil.  I would contend that rather than being evil, Lady Macbeth is a human being who succumbs to evil.

In Act I, scene 5, Lady Macbeth reads her husband's letter informing him of the prophesies of the Weird Sisters.  She loves her husband deeply and feels that he would be a better king than either Duncan or Malcolm.  She also know that he does not have the temperament to actually kill the king. 

News that the king will be spending the night seem to her the perfect opportunity to do what she feels must be done.  Yet, she is not strong enough to do it either.  If she were really evil, she would not have to call upon, " spirits/That tend on mortal thoughts..." aka evil spirits to unsex her and fill her with evil.  She knows that as a woman, her feminine nature is naturally against such actions.   Question, is her prayer answered or does she just think that it is answered?

If she was truly evil, why doesn't she kill him...

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