What are some characteristics of Odysseus?

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In order to understand Odysseus' characteristics, it is important to understand that he is an Epic Hero; as such, he displays characteristics that are both heroic as well as human. For example, he displays the characteristics of a classic Epic Hero when he is challenged with the task of returning home to Ithaca and successfully overcomes the odds. For example, he outwits Polyphemus the Cyclops; he battles Charybdis and Scylla; finally, he disguises himself as a beggar and wins his family back from the intruders in his own home. On the other hand, he displays human characteristics as well: he is overly curious, which gets him into trouble with the cyclops, Lotus Eaters, etc. He is a man, and has a difficult time resisting the temptations of the beautiful Circe and Calypso. So, his characteristics fit into two categories: epic hero and human.

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Odysseus is arrogant, cunning, shrewd, charismatic, overconfident, and ingenious.

He is an amazing Greek hero worthy of study.

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Odysseus is loyal, cunning and a great hero. He is definitely brave and sometime arrogance take over him. He is wise.

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Odysseus is brave, loyal, smart, arrogant at times, wise, strong, shrewd, cunning, majestic, and an epic hero.

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Odysseus is extremely cunning, wise, and strong. However He is also sentimental, when he finally sees Telemachus. A worthy character in the Odyssey.

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What if you were to describe Ulysses internal and external characteristics?

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