What are some characteristics of a narrative?

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A narrative tells a story, and it can be fiction or nonfiction. Narrative writing has a plot, characters, a conflict, point of view, and a setting. In "The Most  Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell, we find all of these elements. The main characters are Rainsford and Zaroff with the minor characters, Whitney and Ivan. The plot has Rainsford falling overboard, ending up on Zaroff's Ship-trap  Island, and being involved in a most unusual hunt. The conflict is between the two men. Zaroff is determined to hunt Rainsford down and kill him, and Rainsford is determined to keep Zaroff from doing that. The point of view in "The Most Dangerous Game" is third person, told by an omniscient narrator. The setting is the island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, where Zaroff has been playing his game for a number of years in the 20th century.


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