What are some characteristics of Lindsay Boxer in 7th Heaven?

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Lindsay Boxer is the main character in the Women's Murder Club Series, of which 7th Heaven is the seventh book.

A San Francisco police officer, Lindsay lives alone (at the beginning of the series). Recently divorced, her border collie keeps her company. Her personal strength, fearlessness, and workaholic tendencies keep her going. Her 'secret' hobby is Tai Chi. The fact that she hides this calm, reflective, hobby demonstrates that she wants to portray a strong, outward, personality.

She's determined to do everything she can for the families of the victims, with a compassion and devotion not often seen in homicide detectives, especially after years of service. 

At average height (5' 10"), Lindsay enjoys reading travel and mystery books, as well as getting out of the house (running).

In 7th Heaven, Lindsay is emotionally torn between Joe--who has just returned (full time) to San Francisco--and her partner (who has just confessed that he likes her).

From James Patterson's website:

One thing that very few people know about Lindsay is that she has a tattoo of a one-inch gecko on her left buttock.


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