In Anthem, what are some of Equality 7-2521's characteristics (with examples)?

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Equality 7-2521 is brave and intelligent. He stole a candle so that he could work in the tunnel at night, despite the heavy sentence that such a transgression carries; this displays his courage, as does his willingness to sacrifice himself as long as his discovery survives later in the story. He feels that his work is the most important thing—"our secret, our evil, our precious work. Still we must also write, for [. . .] we wish to speak for once to no ears but our own."

He is so smart and feels so strongly about his discovery of electricity that he cannot hold it in and cannot stop working on it, even though it is so dangerous to him. Equality 7-2521 feels that he has been born with a curse, but it is really a positive quality that he is so curious and smart and brave. He is also creative, and this is why he hopes to go into...

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