What are some characteristics of Daniel and Rosh?

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Daniel is a passionate, strong eighteen-year-old boy who joins Rosh's band after he flees his master, Amalek. Daniel is full of hate and bitterness directed towards the Romans after the death of his parents and vows to fight them for the rest of his life. Joel and Thacia's friendship gives Daniel hope, and he begins hearing Jesus preach. Daniel's attitude gradually begins to change, and he becomes more sympathetic to his sister's needs. Although Daniel is still an intense individual, he displays his kind, caring nature towards his close friends and family. Daniel is essentially a pure soul who has suffered traumatic experiences throughout his life. At the end of the novel, Daniel finally lets go of his hate and bitterness after Jesus heals his sister.

Rosh is an equally intense character but does not display a caring nature like Daniel. Rosh is selfish and violent throughout the novel. He is a ruthless individual, and his only concern is benefiting from others. Although he is a cunning and respected leader, Daniel realizes that Rosh's plans are self-serving and refuses to be a member of his band anymore.

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