What are some character traits of Mrs. Aouda

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Jules Verne published his story Around the World in Eighty Days in 1873. While traveling across India, the protagonist Phileas Fogg and his valet Jean Passepartout discover a funeral ritual. The priests plan on burning the deceased rajah and forcing his wife Aouda onto the flames to join him in death. Fogg and Passepartout carry out a scheme and rescue her. Aouda becomes a valuable part of the group as they travel around the world.

Auoda’s character is defined by being the only non-European, female member of the group. She is described as being beautiful in addition to displaying the qualities of a “charming woman.” Despite her initial status as a damsel in distress, Aouda proves herself capable when Sioux warriors attack their train. Instead of cowering, Aouda “defended herself, like a true heroine, with a revolver.”

Aouda is a source of kindness and, over the course of the story, grows to love Fogg. At the conclusion, it looks as if Fogg lost the bet and will live in poverty. Despite the harshness of their future, Aouda still wants Fogg and asks for his hand in marriage. She is characterized by her role as the only non-European woman in the group of four. She is an exotic love interest who offers Fogg something more satisfying than simply winning a bet, though she helps him with that, too. Because Aouda asks for his hand in marriage, Fogg sends for the minister and discovers that he has made it around the world in time.

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