What are some character traits of Cassio in the novel Othello by William Shakespeare ?   Please include a scene from the novel or quotation to why you believe this trait(s) belongs to Cassio.

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Michael Cassio is Othello 's Florentine lieutenant. He is considered second-in-command and plays an important role in the play. Michael Cassio is portrayed as a physically attractive ladies' man who Iago uses to manipulate Othello into murdering his wife. Cassio is also an educated man and understands the logistics of warfare. One of Iago's complaints about Cassio is that he is not battle-tested and is simply a student of warfare. Michael Cassio is also depicted as chivalrous and decorous. When Michael Cassio initially arrives at Cyprus, he politely addresses Desdemona and takes her hand. Iago uses Cassio's decorous behavior against him by making Othello believe that he is having an affair with Desdemona. Despite Michael Cassio's stellar public image, he treats Bianca rather terribly and simply uses her for sex. Cassio is also vulnerable to peer pressure, as he is manipulated by Iago into drinking an excessive amount of alcohol while he is supposed to be standing guard. Similar to...

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