What are some character traits of Byron in That Was Then, This is Now?

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At the beginning of the novel, Bryon is a bully who gets a kick out of hustling, fighting, and breaking the law. He also describes himself as a ladies' man who tells girls anything they want to hear so that he can get what he wants. Bryon has no qualms about how his best friend, Mark, behaves until he begins dating Cathy. As the novel progresses, Bryon matures into a sympathetic individual who tries to help others. After the death of Charlie, Bryon turns into an introspective individual. He begins to analyze his behavior, and he starts to judge Mark. He comes to the realization that Mark is oblivious to the difference between right and wrong. Bryon ends up helping Cathy find her brother, M&M, and eventually calls the police on his best friend for selling pills. Bryon's decisions and attitude portray his responsible, discerning personality.

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You might want to examine the first chapter and consider how Bryon presents himself in this opening section of the novel. The first paragraph tells us that Bryon is very good at pool, he is sixteen, and he is a "baby-faced kid who wouldn't know one ball from another." The fact that they are here to "hustle" and that they do this frequently indicates that Bryon has a rather unscrupulous character, as he is not above breaking laws to enrich himself. Also, note the following description that Bryon gives about himself:

I'm a big guy, dark hair and eyes--the kind who looks like a Saint Bernard puppy, which I don't mind as most chicks cannot resist a Saint Bernard puppy.

Bryon also clearly sees himself therefore as a bit of a player who has had many girlfriends in the past. The way that he and Mark save M&M from being beaten up and the matter-of-fact way in which he fights shows that he is no stranger to violence, and lastly his relationship with Mark demonstrates that he is capable of deep affection and love. You might like to analyse other sections of the book now that I have started you off and see what other traits of Bryon emerge.

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