What are some challenges you faced and how did you over come them? What are some challenges you faced and how did you over come them?  

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because I see that you are a high school student, the question makes me think that you have obstacles in your way which look difficult to solve.  My background includes growing up poor, 5th of eight kids in the family, worked my way through college, alcoholic brother and grandfather, and mental health issues with two sisters.  My biggest challenges came when I had children-- to get up every day, face the long day ahead, and deal with the medical, emotional and school issues both my children presented.

For you, some of my strategies to solve issues may work for you and others not. I too looked for adults like teachers or my boss at a department store to give me their opinions or ideas.  Structure in my day was critical to keep me balanced and on track.   At the end of each day, I consciously told myself that I had done all I could do for that day and would start anew the next day.  I used stress balls or a thumb shaped rock to squeeze or crush.  I threw days old large marshmallows at the walls to hear the thump and ease my need to screech at someone or something. Most of all, I learned to confide my feelings, not hold everything inside, and that no matter what, anything could be made better.  Hope this helps.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you will get a variety of answers to this particular question.  Different people have different ways in which is challenge is faced.  I think that I have had the blessing of finding individuals in my life who have been able to provide extremely powerful and compelling counsel in times of need.  For me, I think that being able to turn to individuals who were there and were able to listen to me were extremely important.  I think that the presence of other people does become one of the ways in which challenges can be faced and challenges could be overcome.  Finding trustworthy people who can be advocates in times of need is one way in which I was able to overcome challenges that presented themselves to me in high school and in college.  Certainly, everyone has to find their own way, but I think that being able to turn to people in times of need is extremely important, as it allows a way in which people can unload the burden of challenging times.  When the heart is weak and a bit nervous or anxious, finding people to help in times of need is one of the best ways to find "shelter from the storm."

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My biggest challenge was finding a steady job and moving out of my parents' house after college.  It took me awhile, because I kept moving out and moving back after I didn't like the job or got laid off.  Only in the beginning did I find a job locally where I didn't need to move.  Incidentally, I ended up about 30 minutes from my parents.