What are some challenges historians face when studying the  prehistoric era?

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The word prehistoric refers to a time before a culture has written records. The word itself, therefore, points to the chief challenge in studying and understanding prehistoric cultures: they lack, by definition, any written accounts to help us understand their past.

As historians of ancient Roman history, such as Miranda Aldhouse-Green, have pointed out, we often have to rely on accounts of prehistoric cultures, such as the Druids in England, provided by cultures with writing, such as the Romans who conquered the the Druids. Because of this we are relying on another culture's interpretation of a prehistoric culture, which means the account can be filled with the biasses of the culture telling the story. Going back to the Druids, can we really trust what Julius Caesar has to say about them, given his own prejudices as a Roman?

Prehistoric cultures force historians to rely on artifacts, such as the remains of buildings, sculpture, artwork, clothing, tools, and weapons. These can yield quite...

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