What are some challenges and barriers female police officer face in this working environment?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main challenges that confront female law enforcement officers are those rooted in prejudices regarding distinctions between genders.  There is no question that the average female police officer is physically weaker and far more diminutive in stature than her male counterpart, which certainly can present a challenge when physically subduing male suspects.  This can pose a serious threat to female officers when confronting male suspects, especially much larger and stronger suspects who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and the officer’s back-up has not yet arrived on the scene.  On the whole, however, female police officers have comported themselves admirably on the streets and are credited with employing more effective tactics that have precluded the need for physical altercations.  Women police officers have a tendency to be more effective in the area of oral and physical communications that compensates for their disadvantage in the area of physical strength.

The main challenges for female police offices, then, are in the prejudices existing among their male colleagues and superiors.  Women have struggled for hundreds of years to be treated equally to men, and that struggle continues to this day in many professions, including law enforcement.  Even after displaying demonstrations of competency on par with male police officers, women are still subjected to the kinds of harassment and degrading behavior that survives every effort at eliminating the beliefs underlying such behavior.  Women are assumed to be less capable, and only recently have seen their female colleagues promoted in strict accordance with merit rather than culture – and there are few professions more steeped in male-dominated cultures than law enforcement. 

Another, more complicated challenge confronting female police officers is in the area of undercover operations.  Women police officers are a major asset when infiltrating criminal organizations or when conducting surveillance of criminal suspects.  They often blend-in to their environment better than male officers and the use of fake husband-and-wife teams is a definite advantage in many social or public settings.  The problem develops, however, when lone female undercover officers are confronted with the inevitable sexual advances of male suspects to whom they have grown close in the performance of their duties.  The investigation has to be halted or altered before the female officer is forced to carry out any such activity, potentially raising the suspicion of the suspect.  These challenges, however, are recognized and handled accordingly, and the advantages of female undercover officers greatly exceeds the limited challenge of sexual pressures from criminal suspects.

By far, the greatest challenge confronting female police officers is the struggle to be taken seriously by male counterparts and superiors who harbor antiquated notions of gender equality.  Female police officers are far more likely than their male counterparts to be obligated to file a civil suit against their superiors and departments for discrimination, and the tendency among many males to treat females differently -- even when that difference is well-intended, as when being protective of female colleagues – the distinctions make it harder for women to succeed in this particular workplace.

udonbutterfly | Student

We live in such a deep patriarchy that even women who join the law enforcement who join to enforce laws for women who are sexually assaulted, harassed, and etc are pit right into the middle of what encourages such behavior. Think about it Law enforcement is so heavily male dominated that a women is always praised for attaining such high ranks within the profession. If this where so common there wouldn't be so many articles writing about it.

People love to use biology as an excuse that men are superior to women in terms of strength. However you will never hear the same person discuss how women have the capability to attain the same level of strength men have. We are so stuck in the patriarchy that women are forced to still be seen as damsels in distress and dainty that they never take the time to explore their strength and when they do they thrown accusations of trying to "manly" and they are no longer seen as feminine or women. So imagine the backlash women in this field have to deal with. It as if they have to compromise their femininity in order to attain strength and be took seriously by not only their male counterparts but males who come into question.

There are just so many stories out there where men have tried to "seduce" a female cop into letting them off the hook or by pass something they have done wrong. Then they regard the female officer with demeaning names and call her cold and disown her looks. When in reality female cops are just doing their job. All this extra resentment just because she's female and she choose not to succumb to such things it's crazy.