What are some causes and effects for Chapters 6, 8, 9, and 10 in "Things Fall Apart"? 

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These are just a few examples of cause and effect for the Chapters listed:

Chapter 6:  There will be a huge wrestling match involving the nine villages of Umuofia (cause).  The whole village turns out to watch, with much ritual and celebration (effect).  After a long, closely matched battle, Okafo uses a surprise maneuver (cause).  Okafo throws his opponent and wins the match (effect).

Chapter 8:  Ikemefuna dies (cause).  Okonkwo does not eat for two days (effect).  Ibe wants to marry Akueke, the daughter of Obierika (cause).  Ibe's father and Akueke's family negotiate a bride price of 20 bags of cowries (effect).

Chapter 9:  Ezinma is dying (cause).  Okonkwo makes medicine to cure her fever (effect).  After Ekwefi's second child dies in infancy, a diviner tells Okonkwo that the child was a changeling, who dies then returns to its mother's womb to be reborn (cause).  When Ekwefi's third child dies, Okonkwo mutilates its body and leaves it in the Evil Forest so it will not return (effect).

Chapter 10:  Uzowulu beats his wife (cause).  Uzowulu's wife's relatives beat him and take away his wife and children (effect).  Uzowulu thinks this is unjust, because he has married his wife properly and paid the bride price (cause).  Uzowulu takes his wife's family to trial (effect).


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