What are some cause and effect examples in The Kite Runner?  Please help. I'm trying to find examples of where an action starts out good or bad and leads to a reaction that is the opposite.

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  • Because Hassan is so determined to run the losing kite for Amir, Hassan is left isolated when he is confronted and attacked by Assef.
  • Because Amir refused to come to Hassan's assistance when he is raped, Amir's guilt results in his own insomnia.
  • Because Hassan refused to hit Amir with a pomegranate (and symbolically repay Amir for not coming to assist him when he is assaulted by Assef), Amir realizes he must plant evidence against Hassan so that he will leave the household for good.
  • Because Ali and Hassan leave the household, they are not able to escape Afghanistan with Baba.
  • Because of Amir's sins against Hassan, an overwhelming guilt hangs over him for more than 20 years.
  • Because Hassan passes on his skills with the slingshot to his son, Sohrab, Sohrab is able to save Amir from Assef.
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