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What are some categories for best practices and the prevention of criminal activity in teens?

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In order to understand what categories might be used to organize best practices for reducing teen violence, we must look at the causes of that violence.  Each type of cause might offer us a category for best practices.

One set of causes of teen violence appear to be connected to the circumstances in which the teens grow up.  These are causes that actually occur before the teen years (in some cases before birth) but which have an impact on behavior during the teen years.  This leads us to at least two categories of best practices.  First, there are practices having to do with the physical health of children.  These include things like prenatal programs for mothers in at-risk areas.  Such programs can improve the nutrition practices of mothers and can help prevent exposure of their unborn children to toxins from drugs or alcohol.  This reduces the level of physical factors that might lead to violence in the future.  A second category of best practices are social rather than...

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