The Stranger Questions and Answers
by Albert Camus

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What are some of the basics of a psychoanalytic approach to The Stranger? What irony does Camus use?

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The best way to look at this text is from a psychoanalytic perspective.  First, you must choose an approach - Freud, Jung, Maslow, etc.  Camus is probably best investigated through a Freudian reading.  Quite simply, the ego and superego are almost completely lacking.  Meursault seems to have no remorse, no sense of empathy, no compassion, no sympathy for anyone.  His mother's funeral is another event he must attend.  The weather takes on more importance than giving his regards to his own mother.  Thus, from this we can observe a complete focus on his id - mere pleasure. 

What is ironic is that through this text's focus on merely id, without regard for ego or superego, we see the error in Meursault's ways.  Because of Meursault's...

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