What are some barriers and limitations to the transition from one level of care to another? I need a detailed answer please.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Barriers and limitations seem to exist whenever transitions occur from one level of health care to another.  One of the barriers that I experienced with my son and with an elderly cousin is the costs involved.  The insurance companies really don't want to be responsible for the amounts of money it takes when care is bumped up a level.  Part of the same barrier is the medication which may be too expensive or not the generic brand they wish you to use even though it may be ineffective.  Another barrier is the facility the person may have to be moved to such as from a nursing home to a hospital.  The last barrier is one which still affects so many people is the reluctance to label anyone with a mental health issue and the lack of available, competent treatment staff.  Limitations are really having to meet qualifications set up by the government, the insurance companies or some other agency.  Now the number of days or the level of insurance or the level of care required have to be met or approved or approved on appeal.  These can be difficult because they require proof or doctors' letters or the approval after an appeals process, all of which can take time.  I'm sure that with this beginning, you will be able to add your own ideas to either barriers or limitations to transitions in the level of health care one requires.