What are some aspects of Juliet's charcter in act 1 of Romeo and Juliet?

Expert Answers
Jen Sambdman eNotes educator| Certified Educator
This question is a tough one because it all depends on the argument you plan to make. I will assume you are going along the lines of Juliet was weak and therefore ran into the arms of Romeo and willingly. The didactics of her father and mother having her go to the ball and wanting to introduce her and marry her off from the get go is quite telling. She is controlled very tightly as per the era this takes place. She also does not have a close relationship with her parents because she relies so heavily on Nurse and finds her source of love and family from her. She is dealing with abandonment issues and searching for love so hard that she does the unspeakable at the end and kills herself. She acts very irrationally and impulsively because she may never have had the opportunity to work through her emotions with her family situations.