What are some applications for Excel workbooks and worksheets?

markcooper006 | Student

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krishna-agrawala | Student

Excel or, to be specific, Microsoft Excel, is an application software for application that use spreadsheets. The spreadsheets present information in tabular form arranged in rows and columns. This arrangement of data and information makes it easy to carry out certain types of analysis that require carrying out similar analytical operations on multiple entries in a column or a row, or where the entries in a particular depends on entries in other cells occupying a specified relative position. For example if a table is listing monthly sales in one column and cumulative sales for the year in the next column, then the cumulative sales for any month can be calculated as addition of entry in the cumulative sale column for the previous month plus entry for sale column in the current month. The spreadsheets are also very convenient for analysis requiring use of a string of entries in a particular column or row. This kind of analysis could be simple functions like totalling or calculating averages. It may also include more complex operations like calculating standard deviations or other statistical measures.

These kinds of features of spreadsheets make excel very useful for applications like preparing budgets and financial plans, statistical tabulation and analysis. It is also very useful for tabulating information pertaining to a large number of subjects. For example, tabulating the marks obtained by students of a class in an exam.