What is some amazing, interesting analysis of symbols throughout the book?

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Hard Times is an 1854 fictional novel written by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of Thomas Gradgrind—a man who, along with his children, tries to navigate his life in the midst of the Industrial Revolution and the new socioeconomic climate in Victorian England. The story was first published in Dickens’s weekly magazine Household Worlds and it is broken down into three separate books: Book I: Sowing (April, 1854), Book II: Reaping (May, 1854), and Book III: Garnering (July, 1854). Because of its various social and moral themes such as industrialism, utilitarianism, morality and ethics, the clash between rationalism and emotionalism, and the aesthetic of Victorian England, many literary critiques consider the novel to be a sociological satire on the industrial age and society.

Aside from the thematic representations, another interesting element of Hard Times is its symbolism . Throughout the novel, Dickens uses numerous symbols and metaphors to present his own concepts and ideas on the society he...

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