What are some alternate terms for cyberbullying? 

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While there doesn't seem to be other names for cyberbullying itself, there are terms which are defined as cyberbullying which speak to the harassment, or bullying, of a person completed via cellphone, Internet (emails, messaging), or any other electronical devices.

The other terms used to define specific types of cyberbullying (and their definitions) are as follows.

Flaming- The use of vulgar and offensive language which takes place during fights using electronic messaging (texts, emails, IM).

Denigration- Denigration happens when a person posts inflammatory/false information about a person in order to ruin the reputation of the person the post/s were made about.

Exclusion- Purposely denying a person from a group (friending, liking) in order to separate them from others.

Trolling- Posting messages which are meant to evoke anger or fights between people.

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