What are some allusions in the short story "Notes from a Bottle" by James Stevenson. Also what can you infer from the title and subtitle?

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, "Notes From a Bottle"can be interpreted two ways: one way, the most obvious,is that he had drifted out to sea and all that's left of him is in the bottle. The second interpretation can be that he was "drinking" from a bottle so much that he thought what he reported was real but it was only his own drunken hallucinations. The subtitles refers to the "ascension" and refers to the Christ ascension to heaven. This is a direct allusion to Christ. Is he alluding to being a Christ figure because he can critically observe all the ludicrous behaviors of his neighbors ?

It's interesting to note when this was published, in what year ? What was happening at that time ? 1969. The Vietnam War

He is alluding to all the outrageous behaviors that people (society) was experimenting with during the time of the Vietnam War. Inside of the hi-rise in NYC where the main character lives, the people are all into themselves while outside the windows the water is rising. In the late 1960's there was a lot of experimentation--drugs, wild dress stlyes, social unrest--and the Vietnam War was raging. I think he is alluding to the social bevaiors of the time and the war.