What are some advantages of Interactive voice response systems to customers and to companies? What are some disadvantages ?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An interactive voice response system provides automated interaction between humans and machines/computers through voice. A customer calls in and the call is responded to by the machine, which offers solutions and answers to the customer’s issues and queries.

The advantage of such a system to the customer is that, it offers a faster response time especially when different customers are calling in at the same time. The system is also convenient as it directs the customers to the correct channels to facilitate speedy assistance.

The companies benefit by minimizing costs involved by stationing many human attendants or agents. The system also benefits companies because it has the ability to record and store the different customer interactions within its database. This provides information that is essential in measuring and evaluating performance.

The interactive response systems are also beneficial to both businesses and customers because the system can be accessed round the clock throughout the year.

The major disadvantage of the system to customers is that, it lacks the human feel and is ineffective when dealing with dynamic human interactions. This is because it works with software that relies on coded responses instead of intelligence.

The major challenge for such systems to companies is the need for constant calibration to ensure that the system covers the different questions and problems that the customer might have.