What are some advantages and disadvanteges of industry and agriculture?  I am talking about the time period from 1776 to 1865 in America.

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were advantages and disadvantages of industry and agriculture in our country from 1776-1865. Both the North and the South depended on these jobs for their economic development.

There were disadvantages the South faced with agriculture. One disadvantage was that it created a market for slaves. Southerners believed they needed slaves to do the work on the large plantations in order for those plantations to be profitable. Slavery eventually divided the country, and it was a factor leading to the start of the Civil War. Another disadvantage is that the South’s economy was almost entirely based on farming. The lack of a diversified economy restricted the South in economic terms.

One advantage of agriculture for the South was that farming was very profitable. The South had excellent soil and had a very good climate for farming. Thus, they could produce cash crops such as cotton, rice, tobacco, and indigo that brought in a great deal income for southern farmers.

One disadvantage of industries is that it led to the creation of factories that created poor working conditions for workers. Workers had to work long hours in very unsafe and very unhealthy conditions. They also were not paid well. Another disadvantage of industries is that it led to more pollution, especially once the steam engine developed.

An advantage of northern industries is that the industries allowed the economy to grow. More jobs were created, and owners of many industries made a decent profit. The growth of industries also encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit in our country. This led to new inventions that allowed for more products to be made.

There were advantages and disadvantages to farming and industries in our country between 1776-1865.