What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to using invasive research methods in social research?

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This is a great question. There are many disadvantages and advantages to invasive research in social research. Let me name a few of them.

When a researcher is studying a society or an aspect of a society, he or she should try to observe without changing that society. Of course, this is not possible completely, but it should be a goal to the best of a person's ability. The reason for this is simple. If a researcher changes the object of study, then that researcher's study is not pristine. From this perspective, we can say that the more invasive a researcher is, the more that person may change that soceity. This is a disadvantage.

The advantage of invasive research is that the research can be done on a more thorough level. In other words, you can break through the superficialities. If this can be done without changing the culture, then this is the best option.

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