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 What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of probation services being centralized or decentralized?   Should it be administered by the executive branch or the judiciary? Should probation and parole services be combined?

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Recently the paradigm of probation is shifting towards the decentralized type. There are few but much better benefits in a decentralized probation system.

In the centralized system, there should be a supervisory personnel that checks what's going on at the level of the state. Since it is centralized, the same supervisory body responds the same way in every state, controlling the situation state wide. The problem with this predictable and exacting system is that glitches are bound to happen when one or two situations are outside of the norm.

When the probation is decentralized, there are not that many persons to obey, nor there is much chance for red taping. The supervisory body can customize their services according to the type of case and the type of offender. It is much less bureaucracy compared to the centralized system, and you can always tweak the process to your county level.

The sad part is that, unfortunately, the centralized to decentralized shift is less likely to occur soon, so the debate still marches on.

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