What are some advantages and disadvantages to living 1984 by George Orwell's society?

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some advantages to living in this society would include:

  1. COMMON LIFESTYLES: The classes in this society occur, but the great majority of proles and Party members understand their positions and don't work to change them. People know where they stand. Their rations as distributed are much more equal than compared to what current societies today see used throughout their classes. We have the very filthy rich, and the most dirt poor in our societies today.
  2. PARENTING RELIEF: Since the children are in school being so coaxed to love and have devotion for Big Brother, parents don't have to worry about vying for their children's affection, it is already a lost cause. I would assume too that they see their children less hours of the day.
  3. SECURITY: In a society like 1984's as long as you follow rules and show devotion, you will be protected because there are telescreens everywhere to help determine when any kind of wrong occurs.

The disadvantages of such a society are as follows:

  1. LOSS OF IDENTITY: A person wouldn't get to choose the career path that interested them, they would do what they were told. Clothing to express one's self and the ability to make choices on a daily basis would be completely lost in this society.
  2. LOSS OF RELATIONSHIPS: Although Julia and Winston make a relationship somewhat work, you can see how not only sex for pleasure is frowned upon, but having anyone to talk with for more than a few seconds is frowned upon. The constant oversight of who you talk to and what you are talking about would drive today's people crazy.
  3. LOSS OF CULTURE: Winston doesn't really share any activity that adults do or children do that help define a culture as one with positive traditions or values, they just exist.