What are some advantages and disadvantages of immigration?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are advantages and disadvantages of immigration. One disadvantage of immigration is that it may cause an oversupply of workers. If many immigrants come to our country, the supply of workers may rise. This may help keep wages low. Immigrants may need a lot of social services. If the immigrants don’t speak English, their kids will need specialized teachers in school to learn English. They may need other specialists to work with them. Immigrants may need assistance in getting food and medical care if they don’t have a job when they arrive in the United States. These are added costs to our social service system.

There are advantages to immigration. Immigration has allowed us to experience new cultures and new ways of living. With immigration, we have been able to experience different traditions and new foods and styles of clothing. We have experienced new forms of music and dance. We have benefited greatly from the skills of many immigrants. Albert Einstein helped us with scientific knowledge. I.M. Pei is a famous architect. Singers like Gloria Estefan and sports figures like Albert Pujols have entertained millions of Americans. Elie Weisel is a famous writer. The concept of kindergarten came from the Germans. With all of these new experiences, contributions, and knowledge that immigrants have provided us, there are many advantages to immigration.