What are some advantages and disadvantages of cultural globalization?

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Some say that the world is getting smaller because of the technology we have developed in recent years, and I think cultural globalization is one product of that. It's now common for my phone to remind me of the holidays of various cultures. Because news is almost instantaneous worldwide, the drop date of the new Apple phones hit markets around the world at approximately the same time. Celebrities and sports stars are followed on their social media accounts, influencing purchasing and public thought everywhere.

In some ways, cultural globalization allows for the sharing of diverse cultures. Because of cultural globalization, my experience is richer because it is influenced by so many different types of cultures and people. I can also be mindful of not just the successes of cultures around the world, but also keep informed regarding their struggles . Thus, I can use my purchasing power to help small businesses around the globe in meaningful ways, thus supporting families, communities, and...

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