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The Most Dangerous Game

by Richard Edward Connell

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What are some adjectives used to describe the setting of "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell?

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The setting for "The Most Dangerous Game" is an island. The island is called "Ship-Trap Island," and General Zaroff lives on the island in order to pursue hunting his favorite game animal: humans.  

In the first sentence of the story, the island is described as "large." A bit later, Whitney describes the island as "God-forsaken."

Obviously, an island will have a shore. Readers are specifically told this island's shore is "rocky."  

The island is a tropical island with a jungle.  When Rainsford first arrives at the island, he describes the jungle as "dense."  

Rainsford eventually makes his way to Zaroff's home. Rainsford describes the gate to the house as "tall" and "spiked." The door to Zaroff's home is "massive." The steps to it are "stone" steps, and the door knocker is "heavy."

Rainsford hides from Zaroff in a tree at one point. The tree limbs are "broad." 

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In "The Most Dangerous Game," what are seven adjectives that are used to describe the setting?

You do well to focus on the setting as a key component of this great and exciting short story. You need to remember that in a sense, Ship-Trap Island, as Zaroff has called his abode, is created by Zaroff as an environment that will lure sailors to it so they will be shipwrecked and then can be used as prey by him for his own enjoyment and satisfaction.

For example, Zaroff has planted lights to draw ships to the island. Note what he says about them:

"They indicate a channel," he said, "where there's none; giant rocks with razor edges crouch like a sea monster with wide-open jaws. They can crush a ship as easily as I crush this nut."

So, if you think about the setting, it has deliberately been created to be deceptive. It is very dangerous and misleading as it draws sailors in to have their boats crushed. These are the key aspects about the island as it is described by Zaroff - you can go back and read the story now and find more descriptions you can use. Good luck!

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