What are some adjectives to describe Timothy from the book  The Cay? Give reasons.

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The Cay by Theodore Taylor traces the events after a boy and his mother leave Willemstad, Curacao because, due to the Second World War, life is not safe on the island. It isn't long before a torpedo hits their ship and they are ushered into lifeboats, but Phillip is separated from his mother and finds himself on a lifeboat with Timothy. 

Adjectives are describing words and they describe nouns (the naming words), adding interest and detail to information. Timothy is a kind man so "kind" is the adjective describing man. The reader knows he is kind because of his actions towards Phillip. He rescued him and now is consoling Phillip over the whereabouts of his mother, assuring Phillip that she is, "safe an' sound..." This also shows that he is compassionate - compassionate is an adjective to describe his feelings. He is brave (adjective), saving Phillip when there were sharks in the water and courageous (adjective) during the hurricane.  He is also knowledgeable (adjective) when he discusses the fact that Phillip's blindness could have resulted from his knock on the head. 

Timothy has a positive outlook (positive is the adjective describing his outlook) or attitude as he appreciates the "few biscuit, some choclade," and the fact that the "matches in d'tin is dry." However, he knows that if they are to survive, he must be tough. Phillip does not understand this and sees only "a stubborn, old man." (Stubborn and old are the adjectives.) So Timothy is also strict and tough.   

Timothy is described as "black, huge, old...ugly" all of which are adjectives describing Timothy himself. His features are also described using adjectives; for example, his nose is "flat" and his face is "broad" with a "mass of wiry, grey hair." Wiry and grey are the adjectives describing his hair. He has "bloodshot eyes...and scarred skin." Bloodshot and scarred are the adjectives. We also know that Timothy is West-Indian which is apparent for two reasons; Phillip "knew he was" and because of the language he uses which is very colloquial. The reader knows that Timothy is about sixty years old although he is not sure of his exact age, which shocks Phillip. So sixty describes his age. Finally, Timothy is unforgettable. 

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