What are some activities the house performs?

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Really, the house in this story does absolutely everything, it seems.  It tells time, it cleans the dog, it hardly seems like the people would need to do anything.

  • It makes the breakfast itself
  • It reminds the people who live there of all the things they need to do that day -- whose birthday, whose anniversary, what bills are due, etc.
  • It automatically cleans everything
  • It shuts windows and closes doors and locks up.
  • When the dog dies, it gets rid of the body
  • It plays music
  • It sets out a table and cards for a scheduled game
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The house in Ray Bradbury's classic short story performs many functions. In fact, it is as if the house were designed to complete all functions those who live there might need.

It starts by announcing the time (7 AM), and reminding the absent owners of what they need to do (get up).

The house then makes breakfast for them. Perhaps more impressively, it remembers the preferences of the people who lived in it: they like their eggs "sunnyside up," for example. It also times all different elements of the breakfast so they are ready at the same time.  Later, when no one eats the food, it disposes of the breakfast.

The house then goes on to remind its owners of their obligations: it keeps their calendar, and reminds them of appointments. It prepares the (missing) family for those obligations, opens the garage, etc.

It waters the plants, recites poetry for the people who used to live there, and even tries to fight the fire that breaks out.

It does everything but live, and everything that the family who lived there needed--except prevent war.