What are some acts of laziness by the animals in Animal Farm?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not certain that the animals are "lazy."  The structure of control from both humans and the pigs would preclude this.  Yet, while all animals work, I think that Orwell is pointing out that some of them are "lazy" towards the end of taking action for the good of pure social solidarity.  For example, Mollie is more concerned with her gaining of ribbons and sugar than anything else.  This is something that benefits the changing of political power because it represents a form of laziness towards taking action for the social good.  In chapter seven, Clover is convinced that the state of affairs on the fame are not good and that things are not going well.  Yet, she is lazy in terms of taking action, as she continues to rest her faith in Napoleon and the pigs.  The idea of preventing action being taken is a key element of laziness that benefits those in the position of power.  Finally, I think that Benjamin recognizes the need to take action too late.  His laziness, motivated by cynicism, is what ends up dooming his friend.  Benjamin recognizes what is going to happen to Boxer, as he is able to read the writing on the truck.  Yet, his inaction, his inability to act upon his own instincts at an earlier point, end up strengthening the pigs and those in the position of power and sacrificing Boxer, his friend.