What are some acceptable and reasonable ways to improve communication between the home and the school?

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The ways that we can “improve” communication between the home and the school depend heavily on what we are already doing.  Unless we know what is already being done, we cannot know how to “improve” things.  Here are some ideas about how to have good communications between home and school.

One thing that can be done is to have teachers be sure to make a certain number of positive calls home in a given period of time.  When teachers are routinely calling parents to say good things about their students, the parents are more likely to be receptive if the teacher needs to call to say something bad.

Another thing that can be done is to use technology.  Teachers can have parents sign up to receive group text messages from the teacher.  This makes it easier for the teacher to keep them informed of things that are going on in the classroom.  Similarly, teachers can use email lists to inform parents about unusual events or to regularly update them on the progress their student is making.

These are some ideas for how to foster good communication between school and home.

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