What solvent do I need to dissolve an acrylic covered stone?

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Acrylic is an industrial material that contains an acryloyl group in its structure which is derived from acrylic acid. Paints made of acrylic are fast-drying coloring materials made of pigments suspended in emulsion. When it is in the liquid form, it can be mixed with water. Upon drying or loss of water, the polymer crosslinks to form an acrylic paint film which considerably insoluble in water. So we cannot remove acrylic using water.

Removing the acrylic in the surface also has some factors. Cleaners are used depending on the nature of the surface whether it is porous or non-porous surface.

  • Non-porous surface like glass, plastics or metal, ammonia solution is used to remove the acrylic. Thinner can also be used but not on plastics. 
  • Porous material such as bricks or rocks can be cleansed by isopropyl alcohol, denatured alcohol or acetone. 

For your stone, check the texture of the surface so you can select the best cleaning agent. I suggest you use isopropyl alcohol. 


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