What are the solutions to the communication barriers faced in organisations?

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Communication barriers can be really harmful in the workplace.  There are ways to overcome these barriers.  One way is to schedule time where all employees can meet to discuss issue and concerns.  Many times, perceived issues explode into big problems because there isn't a time or place to discuss them.  Providing time to discuss issues, share news, and provide company updates on what is happening in the workplace can alleviate potential problems.  Another way to overcome barriers is to stress that all issues are not personal in nature.  If a person believes there will be retaliation from sharing a concern, no growth can occur for the business.  All team members must understand that it is acceptable to talk about issues which arise, and that these conversations are not taken personally.  Also, there needs to be a away for businesses to praise and recognize their employees.  Recognition for doing a good job is essential.  Too often that is ignored and overlooked.  This is a great way to build morale and encourage communication in the company.  Finally, providing opportunities for socializing outside of work also helps with communications.  This could include sponsored company sports teams, providing a fun evening activity, or just having an occasional social hour.  There are many ways to overcome communication barriers in businesses. 

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First you need to identify the specific barriers to communication that are involved. 

Along with interpersonal communication barriers, there are many other barriers, each with individual solutions. Here are two examples of communication barriers and their solutions.


Your employees might get along very well, but you can still run into communication barriers. Misinterpretation about a task/event/product can cause many problems within an organisation, or with its clients. In order to avoid misinterpretation an organisation needs well documented procedures, policies, reports on meetings and regular updates for all involved. Noises and other distractions in the work place can also lead to an increase in misinterpretation. 

Lack of Knowledge

A good organisation will have exceptional communication between different divisions, and also with clients. A lack of knowledge about a product, or between (for example) the sales and marketing divisions of a company, can seriously damage the organisation's reputation, customer base or revenue.

Usually, top levels of management should take responsibility to ensure that lower levels of employees have sufficient training in order to meet the needs of their clients and to perform their duties.

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A good start to addressing the communication barriers begins with improving the interpersonal communication climate between employees in organizations. During a person’s career, a person will likely spend more hours on the job than at home or any other place. Because of this, the communication mood or “climate” of the workplace is just as important as working conditions and will need attention in order to improve the communication barriers. Establishing or improving the communication climate in the workplace can lead to a positive work environment and job satisfaction.

A few considerations to keep in mind that are connected to a positive workplace environment first consists of offering encouragement and praise to employees and second consists of promoting the practice of open communication.

Employees want to feel appreciated. The value of an acknowledgment of good work can be more gratifying than a pay raise or promotion, although those rewards are surely appreciated. A second consideration is that of inviting an open communication between managers and employees. Employees want to believe that their opinions do matter and want to have the opportunity to feel that their contribution to the function and growth of the company can be accompanied by freely voicing their concerns and giving critical yet positive feedback without fear of backlash.

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