What is the solution to this problem: The Possible Role of the Electoral College in Depressing Voter Turnout  Use this source:...

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The source that you asked about argues that this is really not a problem.  It says that this is only a problem in theory and that it would not be solved by eliminating the Electoral College anyway.

What the source says is that people do not come out and vote only because of the presidential election.  The author argues that there are all sorts of other races on the ballot that might make people want to come out and vote whether or not the Electoral College exists.

I would also point out that presidential elections actually draw more turnout that other elections and so the Electoral College can't really be depressing it all that much (compared to other elections).

I think that you could theoretically solve the problem by going to a national popular election (even though the author of the source says you can't).  Each vote would then count the same as any other vote and the states would have no reason to depress voter turnout.